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Fourier-E provides scheduling services whereby vehicles are effectively allocated to predefined routes in order to improve fleet utilisation, reduce operational and capital expenditures; and increase overall customer satisfaction.

We developed a flexible optimization solution adaptable to customers’ requirements. Historically we have been able to reduce overall fleet size by 4% and non-profitable distance by 12%.

By implementing this solution the following benefits can be obtained

  • Cost reduction

    • Reduction in fleet size

    • Reduction in non-profitable distance

    • Maintenance (staff and equipment)

    • Staff cost (number of drivers, overtime)

  •  Improved fleet utilisation

    • Evenly distributed workload between staff members

    • Same service levels can be achieved with less vehicles

  • Increased customer satisfaction

    • Robust schedule

The Decision Support Value Stream assists clients in evaluating and quantifying improvement opportunities. The impact of strategic, tactical and operational decisions is evaluated in conjunction with capital and operational expenditure requirements. This is performed by means our engineering services that includes simulation modelling, diagnostic projects and formal feasibility studies.


FlexSim is a powerful 3D simulation software tool designed to model various industries:

  • manufacturing

  • logistics

  •  mining

  • warehousing etc

FlexSim combines an array of reporting charts and graphs with life-like 3D objects to create a powerful analysis experience that every member of the organisation can understand. For more information regarding FlexSim visit:

Fourier-E is the sole distributor of FlexSim in South Africa and our engineering services offer the following packages:

  • Full developers licence

    • If you want to develop your own simulation models this is the package for you. We will provide you with a full developers licence that gives you access to the entire FlexSim software experience.

  • Run time licence

    • No time for development? That’s fine, we will develop the model and the run time licence can be used by you to change input parameters and re-run the model to analyse the results.

  • Training and trends

    • If you are a first time user or simply need a refresher into the latest FlexSim functions we can arrange a training session at your facility that is tailored to your needs. We also provide a quarterly newsletter to all of our FlexSim community members with all the latest FlexSim updates and best practises.


To successfully execute projects, we perform in-depth analysis to understand the root cause of problems and identify levers that can exacerbate this. Thereafter we develop a model to contextualise the problem and derive a solution. At Fourier-E we also assist with the implementation of the solution and the tracking of key parameters to ensure that the benefit is realised. We pride ourselves in providing excellent support in various areas such as:


​Financial Models

  • Risk identification;

  • Risk mitigation;

  • Feasibility studies;

  • CAPEX investments;

  • OPEX analysis and improvement;

  • Cash flow optimisation

Operational Models

  • Planning tools;

  • Stochastic models;

  • Resource scheduling;

  • Location problems;

  • Line balancing;

  • Procurement strategies;

  • Maintenance planning;

  • Production scheduling and planning

Fleet Management

  • Fleet sizing;

  • Vehicle Routing;

  • Travel distance minimisation;

  • Operational expense reduction;

  • Service level improvements


We use simulation modelling to model the interaction of complex business processes across various timelines and scenarios. This provides the capability to evaluate the impact of individual parameters in relation to the global environment. 3D models are built to scale to allow the evaluation of physical constraints unique to each business environment.

Fourier-E has modelled a wide variety of industries, which includes the following:

  • Warehouses;

  • Production facilities;

  • Container yards;

  • Call centres;

  • Mines;

  • Banks (branches and cash centres)​

Statistical distributions allows the models to evaluate real world variability.  Typical outputs measured by simulation models include (but are not limited to):

  • Throughput rates;

  • Resource utilisation;

  • Resource requirements;

  • Queue lengths; and

  • Material handling equipment requirements