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Fourier-E Innovation Management

We offer a 2-year program that establishes the innovation capability in any organisations.

Innovation forms part of the organization’s ability to find solutions to its problems. It can be focused on an initial area, such as product definition or improved production, but becomes more and more effective the less the constraints are applied to it. Ideal, your organization would benefit most from an engaged workforce, clients and suppliers that pays attention to the problems they experience and strives to solve them. The end-state is a cross functional problem solving culture that goes beyond innovation. It is a focus on identifying and analyzing valuable problems, and solving them in an innovative way.

The program entails

  • Position Innovation in the organisation as part of the drive for sustained competitiveness

  • Identify and establish innovation tool requirements

  • Identify and train resources required to govern the innovation process

  • Position and Establish the organisations innovation process

  • Measure the activity in the innovation pipeline, the value of its outputs and the health of the activities contributing to innovation


Our program is chiefly driven by our experience on developing and operationalizing business practices of a large variety and under different circumstances. This differs from many other innovation programs in that our primary focus is on establishing practices that supports sustained competitiveness and in this, innovation management plays a key role. We add to this innovation and problem solving experts that identify innovation specific problems and opportunities to meet our objectives.


The skillset that we typically apply to achieve this is

  • BPM and BI

  • Lean & Lean Start-up

  • Innovation Management

  • Problem analysis

  • Business Architecture

Our core team consists of a Business Architect, Innovation Specialist and a Process & BI Specialist. Thy have to their disposal Lean6Sigma, Change Management, Software and Industrial Engineering resources to help with the facilitation of the development of the innovation capability. ​We firmly believe that each organisation has its own formula that fits within its culture. Once the formula has been discovered, the process of embedding the quest for competitiveness becomes part of the organisation’s culture.

Tasks Include

  • Determining the current baseline capability

  • Setting objectives, identifying success criteria and how it is measured, determining constraints and developing a roadmap for the development.

  • Setting up innovation / problem solving governance

  • Positioning the ownership of the program

  • Running the program and campaigns to discover a working formula

    • Designing campaigns with stakeholders

    • Evaluating effectiveness of campaigns

    • Identify capability and training requires

  • Training organizational resources to take over the program

  • Continuous measuring of processes and capability development performance

The program

The typical program runs at a monthly fee of US$ 6500 per month and includes support software. A typical engagement lasts 2 years but can be extended or shortened based on specific agreements. 


Conditions and Assumptions

We actively participate in campaign design, input evaluation, analysis, indexing, setting up governance etc., but with the aim of establishing the cross functional innovation capability in the organization, not with the aim of running the process. Conferencing, Training and assistance can be provided online. We are a South African based Company, which provides a considerable cost advantage for the level and volume of service we provide as long as it is provided offsite. We are though more than willing to perform work onsite if it is a requirement, but it will have an influence on the cost.