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Fourier-E’s Operational Design and Measurement capability combines Process, Data and Business Intelligence into a package that results in visible outcomes.  The end result of our Operational Design and Measurement projects is robust and resilient operations. Techniques such as Lean, Agile, Theory of Constrains, Data Warehousing and Master Data Management are passingly applied to ensure that we develop solutions that are of fit for purpose, and of value.


The key to our approach is a focused, incremental but multidimensional approach that sources from Lean, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, EA Frameworks, Process Frameworks, BI, Balance Scorecard, to name but a few, the tools required incrementally define and implement a business architecture that can visibly result in strategy realisation.


We believe successful BI should always be traced back to business processes, which ultimately drives the delivery of value. We create and measure targets, sensitive towards operational maturity and the direction the business is steering towards. For deviations from targets, we design and implement measureable remedial processes.

 We specialise in sustainable short cycle results and not short sighted solutions.


Fourier-e offers programs to establish and mature your organisation’s innovation culture. It consists of the implementation of the required governance structures, positioning of innovation, reporting on innovation and the incremental implementation of innovation initiatives.

Innovation has become a key focus point for organisations investing in their ability to sustain a competitive edge.Thus organisations need to focus on solving problems relating to their production, products and business models on a continued basis and with a high level of engagement. 



Our experience in the design, improvement, maturing, measurement and automation of processes ensures that the cost and effort applied to operations are justified by the value yielded from it.

 It is vital to see and develop business processes in context of the nature of the process, the maturity of it, the business’s readiness to change it, the technology to support it and its relation towards critical and strategic outcomes.

We develop reports and dashboards in QlikView, Tableau, Microsoft power BI and Yellowfin. If you have not acquired any 3rd party products, we can also develop custom html based reports to meet your requirements.


As part of our analytical capabilities, we design and develop reporting databases, the procedures to extract data, manage data quality, standardise and optimise it for reporting, and develop reports in a variety of platforms. This is mostly done is support of process establishment and performance improvement projects, which puts us in a very good position to ensure we approach visibility projects in a pragmatic way that ensures that effort results in the intended outcome.  Our approach entail fast prototyping, which we consider essential for understanding how to position reports to be successful.


If you are interested in finding out how we will ensure that your requirements are met, please get in touch.