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Problem solving is the foundation of progress. If you do it well, you will survive. To effectively support problem solving on the organisation, diverse and acknowledged participation is required. This however, can lead to information overload which grind effective analysis to a halt, and mostly result in contributors to the system feeling ‘unacknowledged’.

Some other problems faced on effective problem solving is

  • It is often constrained to silos or functions

  • It struggles to direct energy and focus

  • Analysts and specialists involved work within the boundaries of their domains

  • Solutions are provided for problems that is not well understood in terms of scope, nature and value

  • The cost/benefit of problems and solutions are under/overstated to allow easier project selection

  • User contributions are not acknowledged


Our software supports cross functional problem identification, analysis, development of problem statements and then allows the organisation the opportunity to solve the problems.


  • Free 60 day Trail: get an idea of which features are available and how the problem solving eco system works by gaining access to the system for 60 days.

  • Free small organisation licence (< 20 users)

  • Small Organisation Licence (<100 users)

  • Depends on the features selected. It starts with a base cost of $1 990, and adds $3 per additional user.


 Features are costed base on specifics, e.g. amount of space required for storing documents

  • External Service Provider: external service providers can submit generic unbranded proposals to develop and/or implement Innovations or to provide solutions do problems. These proposals are used by organisations to provide insight into how problems can be solved or innovations developed. Where organisations choose, they can also submit requests for proposals to specific external service providers.

  • Non-Profit Organisations: if you have a worthy cause, and would like your community to collaborate on solving problems or deliver services, please contact us. Our product and to some extent, some of our services are available for free to worthy causes. Let’s get to work to save the polar bears, up skill the unemployed, care for the old and do some good!

Innovation Utilties Descriptions

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