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A Fringe Benefit of Business Processes Management

February 20, 2017

Just to clear the air between the main benefits and the fringe benefits, these are typical main benefits to business process management

  • It provides a standardised approach to delivering business value

  • It forms the basis (or baseline) for business process improvement end reengineering

  • It forms the boundaries for activity measurement

  • It forms a framework from where teams can be structured

  • It is valuable in the training and communication process

  • It provides the rest of the business with an understanding of what capabilities is being performed in what is being delivered in a business unit

     It provides a way of expressing production that allows a business to benchmark or compare it with standard processes out there

  • In goes a long way in specifying what a system solution should be able to do if the process is to be digitised or automated.

But this is not the important benefit I want to raise, that is sometimes overlooked. The process if establishing the as-is business process is often hated. I have been on countless projects where it has been deemed unnecessary, or where it has been reduced to a quick brush over.Notwithstanding the fact that most problem solvers agree that a problem well understood is a problem half solved, the importance of aligning process participants view on the execution of the process starts with showing them what they do, and how they are doing it different.


Often, this is also called different things in an organisation. User sometimes refer to an application to represent a single process step, e.g. a credit assessor might refer to her workflow screen in IBM as IBM instead of the Credit Assessment Capture Form because she only speaks to other credit assessors.


The simple truth is that once every one sees the problem in the same way, and calls it the same thing, energy will be focused on the solution, not on semantics and translations.

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