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Enabling Industry 4.0 in your Organisation

March 16, 2017

Are you trying to lead purpose-driven change and implement new manufacturing technologies and systems within your operations without impacting production or customer satisfaction? If so, a new era of industry came about introducing tremendous benefits and advancements that you need to familiarize yourself with.


Recently, we have entered into the need to know trend Industry 4.0, a trend of automation, data exchange and technological advancements in the heart of the manufacturing sector. Industry 4.0 predicts that traditional operating manufacturing systems will soon evolve into smart factories through the digitisation of operations. If you are considering reaping the benefits of this new era, here are some practical topics applied in manufacturing systems:

  • Communication and connectivity between systems, machines and people in order to exchange and use information.

  • The use of sensors and data exchange to employ predictive maintenance regimes

  • Forecasting and scheduling techniques to predict variance in manufacturing operations to respond in real time.

  • Creating transparency and synchronisation within the supply chain to ensure the right products are delivered at the right time within there right quantity and quality.

  • Understanding labour performance and initiating continuous improvement methodologies on the shop floor through performance tracking.

This global trend will boost organisational response to customer needs; improve the flexibility, speed, productivity, and quality of systems and processes; and create a basic foundation for taking on new business models. More organisations will consider investing in this trend to gain improved and customised product and service offerings. As Industry 4.0 leads the way towards an innovative manufacturing approach, we at Fourier strive towards supporting companies with the adoption of the new concept to ensure an effective change into the new era.










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