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Simulation of Existing Contact

April 6, 2017

Client:   Large Contact Centre Servicing various nationwide clients

Project:  Evaluating impact of increased call volumes

Result:  Identify ideal shift pattern and resource requirement to handle increased call volumes


Problem statement complexity

  • Call centre will struggle to handle increase in call volumes if new clients use services.

  • Agents work in call groups with different shift patterns and different SLA requirements per client.

  • The first answer to increase in call volumes usually is to increase the amount of available agents.

The simulation model provided the capability to evaluate the following:

  • Increase the expected call volumes per hour of day.

  • Increase/Decrease available agents and set skill level of each agent.

  • Update SLA requirements per call.

  • Change shift patterns for agents.

Project outputs

  • Identified specific periods of the day when the call centre could be under pressure.

  • Optimised shift patterns to ensure critical periods during each day could be serviced.

  • Number of agents wasn't increased for predicted increased call volumes.

  • Results of simulation model was analysed and viewed using QlikView.




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