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Facility Evaluation

May 16, 2017

Facility Evaluation of a FMCG Company - Case Study


Client:   Multi-national company


Project:  Strategic facility layout re-design and capacity assessment.


Result:  Conceptual and Detail Facility Layout, Lean Principle implementation, Line Specific   Throughput definition, Best-Practise identification.




Problem Statement (Complexity):

  • Expanding facility over a number of years without redesigning facility.

  • Outdated and unreliable equipment and production data gathering techniques.

  • Limited warehousing capacity.

  • Unsynchronised Demand and Supply.


The Improvement Project provided the following:

  • Evaluation of Current Facility Capacities.

  • Layout Evolution and Revolution Analysis.

  • Facility re-alignment to Lean Principles.

  • Warehouse Requirements Definition.


Project Outputs

  • Accurate warehouse requirements.

  • Actual line throughput.

  • Optimised and efficient layout design.

  • Reduced inventory.

  • Visibility of actual manufacturing processes.

  • Improved shop floor management.


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