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Warehouse modelling

May 24, 2017


Client:   Multi National Logistics Provider


Project:  Determine the warehouse requirements (inside and outside) for the consolidation of   various facilities into a single facility.


Result:  Determination of warehouse requirements with regards to logistics, resources and   material storage .

Warehouse requirements

  • The warehouse was analysed with the support of a simulation model and QlikView reporting to determine the requirements if multiple storage facilities are consolidated.

  • The model included end-to-end warehouse functions which include:

  • Storage yard logistics;

  • Receiving and Dispatch;

  • Binning and Picking; and

  • Material movement etc.


Simulation model

  • CAD drawings were used as a blueprint for the model.

  • Various simulation was run for both the inside- and outside plant to analyse various schedules and constraints.


Project Outputs

  • CAD drawings of the facility, which includes the outside plant layout.

  • Resource requirements which include:

  • Human Labour;

  • Equipment;

  • Receiving and loading bays; and

  • Storage bins etc.



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