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Let us guide you on your journey towards Operational Excellence.

It has been proven that exceptional customer service results in increased sales whilst mature supply chains allow companies to reduce costs, increase revenue and ultimately increase shareholder and customer value.  At Fourier-E our four areas of supply chain expertise resound in benchmarking, procurement, manufacturing, distribution and reverse logistics where we customise solutions to maximise customer benefit.


How do your operational processes compare against the world’s best practice companies?

What are the areas for improvement in your company?


Fourier has developed a manufacturing specific benchmarking framework based on the Operations Excellence Model and manufacturing specific best practices including:

  • Lean manufacturing principles;

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR);

  • Capability Maturity Model (CCMI);

  • APQC Framework;


The online benchmark platform enables automated data capturing and comparison with international best practice companies. Our benchmarking scope is not only limited to manufacturing but also extends to other industries.


The FE manufacturing benchmark framework analyses the operations in terms of processes and operational performance and identifies the drivers which would enable a company to improve. It analyses all levels of the organisation over the elements of finance, product, production, people, layout; and business strategy. The outcome will compare industry ratios such as OEE, TEEP, financial value vs. employee, lead time on products etc. so that a company can realise its status quo relating to operational performance.  The benchmark will identify and quantify gaps in key business processes so that a company can make informed operational, tactical and strategic decisions.


The aim of the distribution function has evolved over the years from just storing goods at a warehouse to becoming the interface between supply and demand in order to determine and deliver the optimal service while minimising costs.


Our overarching goal is to induce operational excellence in the manufacturing industry be it through:

  • Facility layout design,

  • Lean production principles,

  • Process optimisation,

  • Planning and scheduling systems or

  • Change management.

Our experience in industry coupled with theoretical knowledge allows us to provide unique solutions and resolutions which are practical to implement.


Do you have the visibility of your production floor? Are you able to analyse production data methodologically to improve your processes?

At Fourier-E we have applied industrial engineering techniques to develop a sustainable production planning and control system which will enable production companies to gain transparency into your current processes. We use the Manufacturing Industry 4.0 platform to springboard companies into the next generation of manufacturing. We implement data sensors on your production floor to monitor the performance of machines and employees and roll the data up into a cloud platform whereby dashboards can be populated and accessed through your desktop or portable devices.

 The resulting product is a live data feed of your production processes and performances to enable quick and accurate decision making to control your production process and drive quality and decrease costs.


Leveraging off sound procurement strategies has been the initiator for decreasing supply chain costs and increasing customer satisfaction downstream. It has become critical to analyse ones procurement strategy and operation to ensure maximum benefit for the entire organisation. Our Business Consultants and Engineers have seen the procurement function progressing from a static reaction on problems to a complete design of the system enabling efficient sourcing and manufacturing operations.

There is value in organisations focusing their efforts on the reverse logistics function not only in material but also on customer information aiming to effectively reduce costs and to increase the customer experience. This element of the traditional supply chain view is evolving into an important function enabling our engineering service to ensure organisations receive and develop optimal customer satisfaction.